Authority, Board, Commission, Committee/Purview Selection Process Term Limits Recommends To Appeal Process Meeting Schedule/Meeting Place Open Meetings
Council General Election 4 year staggered terms N/A N/A Workshop on 1st Wed., Council Meeting on 2nd Wed. Yes, except Executive Sessions
Beaufort Housing Authority: Council Appointee 4 years N/A N/A 4th Wed Yes
Beaufort/Jasper EOC Board Council Appointee 5 years N/A N/A 3rd Thur., every other month Yes
BJWSA Board Council Appointee 6 years N/A N/A 4th Thur. Yes
Design Review Board Volunteer Council Appointees 2 years N/A Court of Approp. Jurisdiction 1stThursday as needed Yes
Election Commission Volunteer Council Appointees 6 years N/A N/A As needed during odd numbered years Yes
Greater Bft./HH EOC Partnership Council Appointee 2 years N/A N/A 3rd Thurs Yes
Historic Preservation Committee Volunteer Council Appointees 2 years N/A Circuit Court   Yes
Housing Advisory Committee Volunteer Council Appointees 2 years Council N/A As needed Yes
Metropolitan Planning Commission Volunteer Council Appointees 2 years Council N/A 3rd Monday at 5:30 PM Yes
Redevelopment Commission Volunteer Council Appointees 2 years Council N/A As needed Yes
Zoning Board of Adjustments & Appeals Volunteer Council Appointees 3 years Council Court of Approp. Jurisdiction 1st Monday of each month Yes

Various Robert Rules of Orders Applies to all meetings
Authority, Board, Commission, Committee Members

Beaufort County Housing Authority:
Linda Robinson
Beaufort/Jasper EOC Board:
Henry Robinson
Design Review Board:
Robert Beasley
Judy Alling
Rob Merchant
Curtis Small
Eric Erickson
Metropolitan Planning Commission:
Joe DeVito – Chairman - PR
Jim Crower - PR
(PR- Port Royal; B-Beaufort; C-County)
Municipal Election Commission:
Thelma Lewis - Chairperson
Redevelopment Commission:
Tom Wilson
Philip Alling
Elizabeth Bergmann
Al Legare
Ed Saxon (BJWSA)
Glen Kilgore (SPA)
Tom Klein
Brooke Plank-Buccola
Historic Preservation Commission:
Patty Crower
Kit Bruce
Louanne Howard
Buddy Brown
Beekman Webb
Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals:
Rose Bennett
Bob Ellis
Darryl Owens
Philip LaFountain
Patricia Fidrych
Parks and Recreation Commission:
Jane Abrams
Lisa Redwine
Laurel Rhoten
Mike Ruthstatz
Samuel Smalls
Rails to Trails Committee:
Dean Moss
BJWSA Board:
Brandy Gray