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Do you remember yourself sitting and crying over one of the most touching Disney's movies of all times? Yes, that is about Lion King. The story of growing up, facing the truth about life, living through personal tragedy, finding new friendship and love. This Broadway version of African adventures will transport you to the most wonderful moments of your childhood and remind you about those sweet minutes spent with Simba, Timon, Pumba and other lovely characters.

Julie Taymor has created an amazing fairy-tail with a soundtrack by Elton John and lyrics of Tim Rice. Creating a visual story of such a splendid and expensive-looking quality is not an easy deal. The team of real professionals was working to recreate the story from the ground and give it rebirth on the stage of Broadway. Besides amazing actors in costumes Julie also used giant puppetry to produce an effect of the wild African life. A lot of songs from this masterpiece have become showstoppers (I Just Can't Wait to Be King, The Morning Report). Though the show was premiered in the Orpheum theater for the first time in 1997, it quickly became one of the most successful plays on Broadway, and it is still one of the longest-running shows of all times.

Lion King's Musical Story

The play starts with a great celebration of new lion prince's birthday. Every animal in the savanna is full of gladness and joy for their King and Queen (Mufasa and Sarabi). Little Simba grows fast and faces the same funny stories as every newcomer to this world. Adorable adventures and discoveries are shared with a good friend Nala, and life seems to be sumptuous and lovely. But as the story is often described as "Hamlet with fur", a dramatical murder is there to come. King Mufasa faces his death from his brother's “hand”. Scar illegally becomes a king and Simba should hide in the jungle together with his new friends - funny Timon and Pumba.
Time goes by, and Simba is turning into a young and strong lion. His destiny calls him more and more insistently. One day he understands that he has to face the truth about that awful tragedy of his childhood. So he is on his way to restoring peace and reclaiming his throne. Animal kingdom will become joyful and luxurious again!