Criminal / Traffic Court

Criminal / Traffic Court Session

Criminal Court sessions are held every other week on Tuesday and Thursday starting at 4 p.m.

Failure to appear in this court may result in suspension of driving privileges or a bench warrant for your arrest.

Refer to your Summons for your scheduled date and time or you may call the Court Clerk's Office at 843-986-2229.

Continuance Request Form

Payment of Traffic Fines

Traffic Fines may be paid:

  • in person at Town Hall, 700 Paris Avenue
  • by mail (Cashiers Check or Money Order), 
  • or online by clicking on Pay Ticket  (You will be asked for the Last Name and Date of Birth OR Traffic Ticket number to proceed).

Failure to pay fines can result in suspension of driving privileges or a Bench Warrant being issued  for your arrest.

Jury Trial

You have a right to a trial by Jury. This may be requested prior to the date of trial in writing, by fax, United States Mail, or personal delivery.  To request a July Trial complete the Jury Trial Request Form below. 

Jury Duty Dismissal

Jury Trial Request Form

Jury Trials are held throughout the year. You will receive notification of the date and time of your trial. Please ensure you have notified the Court of any address changes.